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Rubber Biscuit is a trio that performs for children, but is truly a band for all ages. You can’t help but notice how much fun they’re having when they play and how their exuberance takes hold of the audience as well. They play on miniature instruments with luscious three part harmonies and a unique sound of their own. Their song selection is what sets them apart from most other young people’s music, ranging from gospel to doo-wop, rock and roll, tin pan alley, calypso, a few originals and of course some of the more traditional songs for children. 

We play parties!!!

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“Rubber Biscuit is thoroughly enjoyable. The musicians aim straight for kid fun, right down to the drummer playing a mini drum kit. Fred Griffeth’s voice will leave you swooning and the soulful sounds will leave you humming until the next time you see them!” –Cathy Piantigini, Somerville library

Everything about Rubber Biscuit is awesome! Fred, Sarah and Kevin play to a spirited room full of fans every time. Magic fills the room as bubbles bobble, puppets accompany the singers and kids search for a stuffed animal to snuggle or a toy instrument to play. Most of the crowd sings along to a playlist you can’t hear anywhere else. It’s an ingenious blend of kids songs, storytelling, spirituals and rock & roll from the 60’s and 70’s. If you’ve never been part of the crowd, find Rubber Biscuit and let the spirit move you! Time together with the kids will never be the same! –Shanna Forgit-Garvey, mom to Leo (6) and Corinna (3)

“Thanks so much for coming this morning and giving everyone such a great show. I couldn’t stop smiling watching you guys.” –Mora Rothenberg, Fox library